Make an expected holiday season unexpectedly exciting with Shift Edibles

Bah Humbug vs. Yippe Kay Yay

The holidays can be a fun and a stressful time.  The ho-ho-ho season is fast approaching you can either figure out how to enjoy it or let the cascade of holiday events run you over.  Like a reindeer.

Trading Places Santa

Sometimes the holidays can bring out the best in us unless you let stress get to you... (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner items that are in short supply, relatives descending on your household or worse, having to navigate the highways and airways to get somewhere else.

While it is always good to see friends and family, the experiences surrounding this can often lead to excess stress and anxiety.

Wrapping gifts and decorating can either be a chore or an experience, depending on how you approach it.

You may have heard of a Rolling Stones song called “Momma’s Little Helper”.  If not, take a look at this video and you’ll get what it is all about.


This is where Shift comes in.

While momma’s little helper has come and gone, your little helper is here to make the holidays much more enjoyable with either Delta 8 or Delta 10 chocolate edibles. 

Our all natural, organic Delta 10 chocolates are great way to accompany a glass of wine while decorating or cooking or even entertaining.  Shift’s Delta 8 chocolates make for a great post-clean-up evening snack or a post meal, pre-nap hors d'oeuvres to accompany the football game.

Once you’ve secured your holiday edibles and hidden them away from your visiting uncle who will eat literally every piece of holiday candy he sees, here are a few other activities to consider after you’ve consumed your chocolates.

Uncle eating candy

Keep the edibles away from Uncle Chris (Credit: The Onion)

This list of fun, holiday ideas help to zest up an otherwise stressful holiday season or at least give your relatives something to talk about for years to come after you’ve left.

Fun and exciting holiday activities for you and your family

  • Wait in line to put your children on a masked stranger's lap.
  • Hang unworn socks over a fireplace when they're already dry.
  • Eat candy from those socks.
  • Tell your nieces and nephews that an old man is going to invade the house one night.
  • Mix alcohol with milk and raw eggs.
  • Prop up a dead tree in your living room.
  • String perfectly good popcorn around said tree and cover it with electrical wires.
  • Light lots of candles even though there isn't a power outage.
  • Sing, "You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen," even when you don't.
  • Celebrate a reindeer with a raging nose infection.
  • Go outside and flap your arms and legs in wet snow as if it's not uncomfortable.
  • Leave milk and cookies out for no one, on purpose.
  • Spend $40 bucks on an ugly sweater you’d otherwise never, ever wear.
  • Sing a song at the top of your lungs about an elderly relative getting trampled to death
  • Tell your kids you bought them a toy elf that spies on them 24/7.
  • Send a letter to an uninhabitable place where there isn’t a post office.
  • Ring bells for no reason whatsoever
  • Bite the legs off human shaped gingerbread cookies
  • Stuff stale bread crumbs into a dead bird
  • Put fake antlers on your aunt’s pug and post it to Instagram.  Five times.

Happy holidays from Shift Edibles!

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Make your relatives pay full price for theirs.


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