The 1 Thing to Make a Halloween Cheese Plate Even Better: Add Chocolate!

It's that time of year for Halloween candy and cheese pairings.

Halloween props

Halloween fun isn't just for kids anymore

Granted, kids are not all that big on Stilton cheese and Italian meats, which is good as it means more for us adults!  That said, as the kids pile up the sugar loot in between neighborhood runs Halloween eve, be sure to go through it to find the nuggets of goodness for the adults.  Intriguing? Interested?  Read on...

For some new and tasty pairings try:

  • Triple Crème + Shift Milk Chocolate: The chocolate cuts through the creamy and milky interior of the triple crème.  Bonus: add a wafer for a nice crunch to round out the bite


  • Aged Gouda + Carmel Popcorn: Both have flavor notes of butterscotch-caramel and salt. The popcorn has a stronger sweet aroma, cutting through the sharpness of the gouda


  • Manchego + Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Have you ever tried peanut butter cheese cake?  That essentially what happens when you add Reese's in the mix.  The result is sweet, nutty, and creamy


  • Brie + Candy Corn: Cow's milk Brie is mild, nutty, and fruity.  These blend together to make a creamy marshmallow flavor experience


  • Blue Cheese + Twix: Twix is the perfect solution to balance the blue, providing caramel to bring out the sweet notes, and chocolate to contrast the spice and kick


Which would you pick?

Weigh in the comments section here or snap a picture on Halloween of your spread, tag @shiftedibles and be entered into our Halloween sweepstakes for free Shift Delta Chocolate.

Want an added incentive to add to your party tray?

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